what we caaan do - is aaask questions,
to ourselves, and to others


no rules!
decipher the dice
improvise - any topic - any age
be the change you want to see
aim to activate the brain circuits
screen free prompt to potential
knowledge is joint ownership
facilitate our future fortunes
with imagination with joy
connect IRL not URL
a cryptic game of life
make your own luck
take your time
roll with it



" ? " = anything on your mind ?

" why " when " where " please " how " who " what "

( 'please' can be used in a variety of ways,
as part of a request or a question,
hence i feel it iis a positive word in considering
potential paths to progress )


Bespoke Strategies



keep a dice in your pocket

ideal for car trips etc etc








Further Thinking

In 1990, age 20, beginning my studies in architecture, i designed an orange photographic poster titled 'breakthrough your barriers'. 33 years later, having evolved into an artist, educator, and entertainer, i found myself designing an orange dice with similar intentions, from the widest perspective, a dice prompt to twiddle with, while pondering progress.

As a parent i adored the continual quest of young people to gain knowledge, I loved the why? why? why? phase. As a grownup i have been lucky enough to earn a living by creating ideas and asking questions, which have enabled me to exhibit and perform in 30 countries. I am grateful and fortunate. We have the unique luxury of perceiving the future, so we can influence and shape that future, if we put our mind to it. [p.s. thinking deeply caaan be fun too, when the results emerge]

I only heard "be the change you want to see happen" when i was 40. It made a lot of sense to me (as my intentions in life are positive), and I try to use it in my progress as much as i can. Eventually i discovered Nonviolent Communication, which i felt guided me to focus even more on positive intentions, for myself and for others. It's a delight hidden within our global plight, and can be found here >>>

Much of my installation work has looked at issues in our world, we often think there is nothing we can do, but we can do something in our own realm, and it starts in the mind, with the potential we all have to do something positive. The mind is the guiding light for everything we do. I can't tell anyone what to do, but i can help encourage others to think about it. If you ask with a smile, it's amazing what can happen. I set out to create something like this, and here it is. Best of luck to you!


"copyleft or copyright"

"this.....aims to activate the brain circuits"
(Timothy Leary 1979 The Game of Life]

"be the change you want to see happen"
(Arleen Lorrance 1974 The Love Project)

"potential = performance minus interference"
(Timothy Gallwey 1975 The Inner Game)

"I cannot teach anybody anything,
i can only help them think"
(attributed to Socrates, long time ago)

"Thinking is a skill, it can be developed"
(Edward de Bono 1970 Lateral Thinking)

"isn't it funny, the harder you try,
the luckier you get"



available Dec 2023

qqquestion shaker with one dice

three qqquestion dice
[gift a dice to a friend?)

shaker 8.5cm diameter
sustainable source



Janek Schaefer RCA


'I' not 'Ai'

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