" a perfect gift, of curiosity "



what we caaan do - is aaask questions
to ourselves, and to others

no rules!
decipher the dice
improvise - any topic - any age
be the change you want to see
aim to activate the brain circuits
a prism for pondering perspectives
screen free prompt to potential
knowledge is joint ownership
facilitate our future fortunes
with imagination with joy
connect IRL not URL
a cryptic game of life

make your own luck
qqquestion reality
take your time
roll with it

make of it what you will it to be

" ? " = aaanything on your mind ?

" why " when " where " please " how " who " what "

'I' not 'Ai'


like Ai, no one actually knows how the dice works.
Ai provides amorphous outcomes with minimal context
the dice suggests an alternative variety of perspectives
can help to simply seek dialogue with yourself or others
you generate solutions - create answers - share knowledge
through qqquestions
it's personal
to you

( 'please' can be used in a variety of ways, implied as part of a request or a question,
hence i feel it iis a positive word in considering potential paths to progress )

" a work of art does not answer questions, it provokes them;
its essential meaning is in the tension between the contradictory answers "



' Bespoke Strategies '


keep a dice in your pocket

ideal for car trips etc etc





Background Context

in 1990, age 20, beginning my studies in architecture, i designed an orange photographic poster titled 'breakthrough your barriers'. 33 years later, having evolved into an artist, educator, and entertainer, i found myself designing an orange dice with similar intentions. it appears to have become a dice prompt to twiddle with, while pondering progress, from different perspectives.

as a parent i adored the continual quest of young people to gain knowledge, i loved the why? why? why? phase. as a grownup i have been lucky enough to earn a living by creating ideas and asking questions, which have enabled me to exhibit, perform, and lecture, in 30 countries. i am grateful and fortunate. we have the unique luxury of perceiving the future, so we can influence and shape that future, if we put our mind to it. [p.s. thinking deeply caaan be fun too, when the results emerge]

i only heard "be the change you want to see happen" when i was 40. it made a lot of sense to me (as my intentions in life are positive), and I try to use it in my progress as much as i can. eventually i discovered 'nonviolent communication', which i felt guided me to focus even more on positive intentions, for myself and for others. it's a delight hidden within our global plight, and can be found here >>>

much of my installation work has looked at issues in our world, we often think there is nothing we can do, but we can do something in our own realm, and it starts in the mind, with the potential we all have to do something positive. the mind is the guiding light for everything we do. i can't tell anyone what to do, but i can help encourage others to think about it. If you ask with a smile, it's amazing what can happen. i set out to create something like this, and here it is. best of luck to you!


"copyleft or copyright"

"this.....aims to activate the brain circuits"
(Timothy Leary 1979 The Game of Life]

"be the change you want to see happen"
(Arleen Lorrance 1974 The Love Project)

"potential = performance minus interference"
(Timothy Gallwey 1975 The Inner Game)

"i cannot teach anybody anything,
i can only help them think"

(attributed to Socrates, long time ago)

"thinking is a skill, it can be developed"
(Edward de Bono 1970 Lateral Thinking)

"isn't it funny, the harder you try,
the luckier you get"



launched 13th Dec 2023

my daughter's 18th birthday,
the first to say 'why? why? why?' to me

now available, slowly

it is for free - if you email me
just pay for the postage etc, or in person

money is not the greatest value
i enjoy the giving, the connecting
the joy of the quest within qqquestion
fuk consumerism, that is killing our planet
it's Not for Profit - but Gifted for Gain
curious ?, then lets be friends
widen our community

thank you x

( my friend said that 'something means more,
when it's given as a gift" - so i looked at that idea literally,
and it made me smile. beee the change i want to see happen,
so email me if you'd like to see what will be, with my pleasure.
the whole project makes sense now! i don't neeed to sell it,
as the entire project was paid off from the start,
when i was asked to dj a pair of luckydipdisco.com
parties. One on a beach, the other in a town centre bandstand)

so here it is

qqquestion shaker with one dice
it's £free if you email me + just pay postage etc
certified sustainable source wood

dice has your lifetime guarantee, and beyond
no dog included !

do not hide it away in the games cupboard
it's not a 'game' as there are no rules

keep it in the light to ignite

make of it what you will it to be



i do adore 'Dada' art by the way. the project is dedicated in part to kurt schwitters. we can also evolve our living realms into what we want with imagination. i absorbed his 'merzbau' while stuyding architecture through installation, and discovered 'ursunate' in my early years evolving into a sound artist. not everything has to make sense, if it feels authentic.
Dada always made sense to me . . .


Personal Recollections

+++ +++ +++

another fundamental inspiration is my dad prof. glen schaefer (1930-1986) who viewed the world through both nuclear atoms (nils bohr external examiner for his phd), and through microscopes and radar in his quest to support the ecological perils of our planet through his work. he created the field of ecological physics in the 60's. he did also try properly expaining the big bang theory to me as a child. his final phase career was evolving into metaphysics. in the 1970's i rememeber staying with artist winifred nicholson, where i now understand that she had asked dad about the nature of light, and he used prisms to illustrate. we can only process some of the universe around us, but scientific instruments can detect other spectrums etc. i feel this illustrates well my dice intentions, the notion of a prism, seeing different perceptions of reality, and our evolving perspectives, as we proceed on our paths to potential day by day, learning, gaining knowledge, actively thinking, and doing.

i also dedicate this to my amazing mum, dr mary malecka, who helmed my formative years, guiding me, and bit by bit i learned how to be brave, ask questions, seek opportunities, act on them, and has been a hugely positive support ever since. She encouraged me to express myself, and i remember being taken to the inspirational kids art room at the li yuan-chia LYC gallery near the end of winifred's garden age 5-10. i was later dancing on stage wth her in a warehouse squat in bulter's warf, london age 9, then busking on french markets for pocket money from age 13. i was not a successful academic child, but somehow it all percolated and when i left home, found architecture, then my dads inherited film camera, and a flat for £6/week with a leaky lake in the lounge in manchester age 21 etc, and i cracked on with improvised freelance creative life to this day... on leaving home, she asked if i was interested in money. not really, as my ideas, my work and peer recognition were the motives i wanted. i made this dice for everyone, and for my own kids, who i hope follow their curiosity to become the best them that they can beee... break through your barriers . . !

Janek Schaefer RCA

4 Old Esher Road,
Hersham Village
KT12 4LE



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